Fireback dated 1736. Showing Louis IX,... - Lot 20 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage

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Fireback dated 1736. Showing Louis IX,... - Lot 20 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage
Fireback dated 1736. Showing Louis IX, known as the Prudhomme and more commonly known as Saint Louis, Capetian king of France born on April 25, 1214 in Poissy and died on August 25, 1270 in Carthage, near Tunis. He reigned for over 43 years from 1226 until his death. Considered a saint during his lifetime, he was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1297. Forty-fourth king of France, and ninth of the direct Capetian dynasty, he was the fourth or fifth child and second known son of King Louis VIII, known as "Louis the Lion", and Queen Blanche of Castile, from whom he received a very strict and pious education throughout his childhood. The eldest of the surviving members of his siblings, he inherited the crown on the death of his father, when he was only twelve years old. He was then crowned on November 29, 1226 in the cathedral of Reims, but it was the queen mother who, in accordance with the will of Louis VIII, exercised the regency of the kingdom until the new monarch came of age. As an adult, Louis IX put an end to the conflict between the Capetians and the Plantagenets and took care of the extension of the royal domain, to which he attached the seneschalties of Beaucaire and Carcassonne, while consolidating his sovereignty over Normandy, Anjou, Touraine, Maine and Poitou.Today, he is considered as a monarch who gave France an economic, intellectual and artistic revival. He is considered as one of the three great direct Capetians with his grandfather Philippe Auguste and his grandson Philippe IV le Bel. Inscription G.L.C BARBE. 18th century. Cast iron. Height 107 cm - Width 101 cm - Thickness 3 cm
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