BARTHELEMY THE ENGLISHMAN. The Owner of things... - Lot 17 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage

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BARTHELEMY THE ENGLISHMAN. The Owner of things... - Lot 17 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage
BARTHELEMY THE ENGLISHMAN. The Owner of things very useful and profitable to the human bodies; with some newly added addictions. Cestassavoir : les vertus et pprietez des eaux artificielles : et des herbes pareilleme(n)t. The nativities of men and women according to the XII signs of Lan. Item several receptes against some diseases. Item a very useful remedy against the pestilent fever : and another way of depydemia (...). The whole revised and corrected newly. S.l.n.d. (Rouen or Paris, 1520 ?). In-folio, havana morocco, set of straight and curved gilt fillets on the boards resembling the decorations of the 16th century, spine ribbed and decorated in the same way, gilt edges (Binding around 1860). (282) ff. Extremely rare edition in French of Le Propriétaire des choses. The only work by the Franciscan monk Bartholomew the Englishman, this famous encyclopedia, completed around 1240, brings together all the knowledge of the 13th century; its methodical presentation organizes the contents of each book in systematic alphabetical order. It had a huge success during the whole Middle Ages. The Owner of Things was translated into French in 1372 by the Augustinian friar Jean Corbichon, Divided into 19 books, the work deals with God, angels, the soul and reason, man and his five senses, the ages, diseases... It also describes the knowledge of astronomy, astrology, nature, geography, precious stones and metals... It ends with questions about weights and measures, sounds and musical instruments. Several chapters deal with gastronomy: in book XVII devoted to plants, spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables, cereals, wines, vines and liquors are treated; book XVIII deals with animals, all meats are described; book XIX deals with questions of flavors and describes the different milks and eggs. The work contains La Medecine des chevaulx, by Lozenne (master marshal of the late 15th and early 16th centuries). This edition has escaped almost all specialized or non-specialized bibliographies - except Oberlé (Fastes, n° 602: "absolutely untraceable") and Mennessier de La Lance. Opening with a title in red and black decorated with a large woodcut showing Pliny, Aristotle, Isidore, Albumazar and Dioscorides, the text is printed in gothic type, on two columns; it contains moreover 19 beautiful woodcuts representing the Trinity, the creation of man and woman, a scene of surgery, another of childcare, the four elements, scenes for the twelve months in a circle, the grafting of trees, a pharmaceutical laboratory... Superb copy with large margins, covered with a pleasant binding, and coming from prestigious collections: Huzard library (with its wet stamp on the title: Huzard de l'Institut - I, n° 159); M. Henri Gallice (who communicated this copy to Menneissier de la Lance for his bibliographie hippique; it is thus quoted therein tome I, pp. 77); and Ambroise Firmin-Didot (ex-libris - 1879, n° 249) Old handwritten signature on the title page. Old handwritten notes on the last leaf. Small angular losses not reaching the text. The copy having not been washed, some stains and foxing. Minor stains to the binding. Vicaire, 408; Simon, Bacchica, pp. 21-25: other editions.
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